Worker Crushed by Concrete Slab on Road Construction Site

concrete slab

A worker was hospitalised on Wednesday after being crushed by a concrete slab on a road construction site in NSW.

The man, in his 30s sustained serious injuries after he became trapped under a heavy slab before being freed by emergency services. He was treated for injuries to the lower part of his body.

The incident is under investigation by WorkCover.

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WA Worst for Injuries among Young People

While some states have seen a decline in young worker injury rates due to the emphasis placed on safety on worksites in these states, WA has proven to be the worst for young workers’ safety.

An article on reported on recent WorkCover statistics that show that Victoria is the safest state in Australia for young workers and WA is the most dangerous.

Whereas Victoria has been recognised as the safety leader, NSW followed closely by WA have the worst safety records in terms of young worker safety.

According to WorkCover young workers need to be protected by providing them with the correct training and supervision especially because of their reluctance to speak up about safety or concerns they may have on site.

Read what the post on went on to say about the safety of young workers:

young-worker“We know that young workers are less likely to speak up about safety and seek assistance – they may fear looking stupid or incapable, or even fear losing their job.

“If they are not sure about what to do, they are more likely to just ‘have a go’, and therefore can put themselves, and others, at risk.

Ms Cosgrove also emphasized the important role that employers and supervisors play in ensuring the safety of young workers. She encouraged them to support young workers, provide them with proper training and supervision, and encourage them to speak up about safety.


These are the most important considerations whenever young workers are employed, especially when engaging in dangerous tasks such as those undertaken by the construction industry.

Employers must provide adequate training and supervision in all tasks. It’s also extremely important that all workers undergo White Card training before beginning work in the construction industry. This is a legal requirement not an option. It is also important that employers provide comprehensive induction training to ensure that workers are aware of the dangers specific to the site and methods of overcoming them. Employers should also identify safety risks and put in place procedures to reduce and control the risks and encourage open communication about safety issues especially with young workers who are often too afraid to speak up in the beginning.

Young workers can also safeguard themselves by following all safety procedures and asking questions if they are uncertain about anything, also report any risks and hazards to a supervisor or colleague without fear. Workers should always use safety equipment and protective clothing if needed and as directed by their employer.Remember that work on a construction site is serious and is no place for joking around with machinery or equipment.

The White Card Online Course is the most convenient and efficient way of ensuring that young construction workers are prepared for the hazards that they will have to confront while working within the construction industry.

The White Card online course, in addition to being mandatory, is every workers defence against injury on building sites especially the more vulnerable workers such as new and young workers. Because the actions of one can affect so many on a construction site, it is also a way of protecting your co-workers and visitors to the site.