Townsville Accident Claims Workers Life

Another fatal workplace accident has taken place, this time in Townsville, highlighting once again the risks associated with construction work.

A man has been killed in Bohle. It is believed he was hit by a falling pipe being unloaded from a truck.

Emergency services were called to the scene but pronounced the man, in his sixties, dead at the scene.

The incident will be investigated by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

As we all return to work and commence with building projects, let’s make sure we’ve got our safety plans in place and all workers are properly trained in safety to avoid tragedies like this one.


2015 Workplace Fatality Results in Fine for Crane Driver and Company

An Ipswich company and an employee, Robert Poida have both been fined over a 2015 workplace accident that led to the death of a crane driver.

An 8 tonne mobile yard crane was being used to shift a large steep pipe when Mr Poida asked a colleague he was supervising to walk alongside the crane’s left front wheel to steady the load.

The man was not a licenced dogman and was run over by the crane, dying at the scene.

An investigation revealed that the crane was not maintained and was defective, with unsafe brakes and lights however the court found this did not directly cause the death.

The supervising employee was convicted and fined $15,000 and had to pay court costs of $1100.

Electrical Contractor Jailed following Workplace Fatality

An electrical contractor has been convicted and sentenced to 7 years’ jail time over an incident that involved the electrocution of a worker in February 2012.

The workplace incident resulted in the death of the 20 year old worker, when the electrician failed to turn off the power to a sub-board which he was helping to install.

The electrical contractor received a 7 year jail sentence for manslaughter and perjury. He will be eligible for parole after 2 years.

The prosecutor argued that the incident was both “tragic and preventable”, had the contractor installed safety switches, this incident could have been prevented. Find out more

Man Pinned by Vehicle On Construction Site in WA

A man was killed at a construction site on the Sunshine Coast recently when he was pinned under a vehicle.

According to police, a car parked on the side of the road was struck by another vehicle causing it to roll over and trap the concrete contractor beneath.

While paramedics attempted to revive the man, they were unsuccessful and he was declared dead on the scene.

Police did not give more information but the Forensic Crash Unit and Workplace Health and Safety investigators were on the scene.